EMO Coming This September

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Europe’s biggest machine tool show, EMO Hannover, is nearly here and provides a great opportunity for four of our principals - Kitamura, FFG DMC, FAT Haco and Gruppo Parpas - to exhibit their newest machine tools.

Gruppo Parpas will be showing the XS, a Roller XL and the UNIKAmech. The XS gantry mill can machine parts up to 20M long and, with its wide range of tools and attachments, together with the capability of interchanging high speed/high torque spindle cartridges, offers maximum flexibility for processing heavy and complex components. The Roller XL, a portal milling centre, is a larger derivative of the standard 5-axis model, providing the same high accuracy and machining capability, but for larger components. The Unikamech series is available with a selection of rotary or trunnion tables, indexers and spindle heads, perfect for the blading, blisk and other complex parts, by offering high speed milling capability and high accuracy achieved through the use of permanent magnet linear motor drives.

Kitamura will be exhibiting various types of machining centres including the HX250iG, HX500iG, Mycenter-3XT and a Mytrunnion-4G. The compact Mycentre HX250iG is the smallest twin pallet horizontal machining centre on the market and used to manufacture medium to long run small parts to a higher level of productivity. Two variants will be exhibited – one with Kitamura’s own 10 station multi-pallet system and another with 30,000rpm and 5th axis integration. The HX500iG uses the same Arumatik Mi control with the latest high speed Mitsubishi 850 processor to ensure absolute accuracy. Using a solid box-way construction, linear scales on all axes and twin ball screws in the X & Y axes, the Mycenter-HX500iG is capable of the power, speed and size to handle larger and heavier workpieces. The Mycenter-3XT has superb design features with the added benefit of a built-in, factory installed 4th/5th axis trunnion table for increased rigidity, ideal for multi-sided, multi-axis machining, even on the toughest of cuts.  The Mytrunnion-4G is ideal for full high precision 5-axis machining, with its sliding overhead doors providing easy access for loading and unloading of workpieces up to a diameter of Ø550mm, 400mm high and weighing up to 200kg. This super accurate 5-axis machining centre is perfect for production of small to medium complex parts in a single set-up. The highest grade of meehanite cast iron is used for its construction, providing superior vibration absorption and resulting in improved surface finishes.

FFG DMC will be showing the DL22LSY horizontal turning centre. This model, one of a vast range of CNC lathes available from DMC, is a highly versatile turning centre equipped with driven tools, sub-spindle and a Y axis.  The machine slant-bed construction is based on solid cast iron box-way slideways, a powerful high torque main spindle, 12 station turret and uses powerful Fanuc ?iF servo motors. The combination of all these robust elements results in a compact, flexible turning centre with a swing of Ø410mm over the cross-slide and turning length of 500mm. The additions of an auto door and barfeed unit allow prolonged automatic operation using overhead or robot loaders.  DMC, as well as manufacturing CNC lathes, produce a number of small/medium vertical turning centres, vertical machining centres and drill/tap machines.

FAT Haco will be demonstrating the TUR 3MN high precision CNC lathe, designed for work pieces with diameters of up to Ø1600mm and 16M in length. Maximum cutting capability, rigidity and accuracy are ensured by the use of hardened steel ways fixed to a cast iron structure. The TUR 3MN  offers a wide range of steadies, turret combinations and options to suit different machine applications and will increase the volume of parts manufactured, either as one-offs or small batches. Large bore and double headstock models are produced, typically for the oil industry, and heavy duty cutting is achieved with spindle motors developing up to 32,000N.m of torque. The range of TUR models range from small turning centres for general work to heavy duty machines suitable for power generation, oil and gas and applications where high accuracy and maximum metal removal are essential.

The show will demonstrate the high quality and variety of machine tools that is available to you from Gruppo Parpas, Kitamura, FFG DMC and FAT Haco through Leader CNC.

EMO, being one of the biggest industrial shows in the world, will certainly be a place to visit this September. Leader CNC Technologies is certainly looking forward to attending the event and invite you to visit any of our principals.

Looking forward to seeing you there!