Introducing the Xrosscut by Kitamura

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At least three times faster than a more conventional machine tool in the mould making industry, Kitamura claims its new 4-axis XrossCut machining centre can be simply operated by a machinist with very little or no CNC machining experience. Offering this tantalising combination of flexibility, productivity and ease of use, the new XrossCut is now available in the UK from Leader CNC Technologies.

Truly ground breaking, the new XrossCut can easily, accurately and intricately machine parts by creating an '.art' or STL file from a single object. What this means is that the 3D machining centre can be connected to a 3D scanner to video a component; from this data, the XrossCut can create an STL file that is automatically translated to generate a machine programme.

Kitamura started developing this innovative technology back in 1997 and, in 2005, the concept machine won the 1st Annual Mono-Zukuri award from the Japanese Government. Presented by the Japanese Prime Minister, the kudos of this bi-annual award in Japan rewards the ground-breaking innovation behind this technology. Since winning this prestigious award, Kitamura has re-engineered and upgraded it’s technology to launch the new XrossCut 3D.

Created for intricate parts that demand precision and a high processing speed, the new XrossCut has a table size of 510 by 610mm and provides a work envelope of 310 by 560 by 350mm in the X, Y and Z axes. With its 3D contour machining capability, increased operator convenience and overall ease-of-use, the XrossCut ultra-high speed vertical machining centre meets the challenges of the modern machine shop.

With spindle speed of 70,000rpm and a maximum feed rate of 120M/min in the X axis, this Kitamura model is one of the fastest machining centres in the world. Packed into this compact and robust machine package is an HSK25 spindle carrier that is automatically supplied with tools from a 5-tool ATC system.

The unique configuration of the XrossCut allows X & U axes bi-lateral movement at 60M/min and this delivers a3-dimensional machining capability three times faster than a more conventional mould making machine tool. The gantry design incorporates an elevating U-axis rail that,when combined with the travelling table, doubles the feed or rapid rates to elevate the productivity of this machine to a completely new stratosphere. The innovative new machine has a footprint of 2.7 by 2.2M and a total weight of 5500kg.

Supporting this production platform is the Kitamura Arumatik-Mi CNC control unit that offers a smooth control process for fast machining of complex workpieces. With processing speeds that are five times faster than the industry norm, the Arumatik-Mi incorporates a 512GB hard disc drive that allows the XrossCut to run large programs continuously for over 100 hours from the hard disc or USB memory.In addition, the XrossCut can use a standard NC program to deliver ultra-high-speed machining capabilities that will totally transform production in any machine shop..