Kitamura’s Success in the EU

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Kitamura specialise only in machining centres and offer a wide range of high performance vertical, horizontal and 5-axis machine tools. In adopting TGA ( True Geometric Accuracy ), all machines are built to achieve total accuracy without relying on electronic compensation. Designed to streamline the machining process for ultimate productivity, Kitamura machines incorporate many features offered as options by other makers.

In the past couple of years we have seen new and upgraded machine tools by Kitamura, including the Xrosscut. At least three times faster than a more conventional machine tool in the mould making industry, Kitamura claims its new 4-axis XrossCut machining centre can be simply operated by a machinist with very little or no CNC machining experience. Offering this tantalising combination of flexibility, productivity and ease of use, details of the new XrossCut are available in the UK from Leader CNC Technologies.

The Kitamura Mycenter-2XD.SP is the latest vertical machining centre from Kitamura, the machine offering many useful features. This latest VMC increases spindle up-time with a high-speed 2 station automatic pallet changer. The design of the pallet changer allows loading and unloading of workpieces either manually or robotically when the VMC is in production, all within a small space saving footprint.

Kitamura has done exceptionally well in introducing their quality machine tool ranges throughout Europe within sectors such as automotive, aerospace and mould & die. Starting in the Eastern part of Europe, Turkey, we have had 16 machining centres installed for Torun, an automotive company that supply valves for trucks etc. The Mycenter-HX300iF, HX400iF and Mycenter-3XD have all been installed and are providing high quality machining in high volumes. The Mycenter-3XD is Kitamura's smallest single table vertical machining centre, using a 26kW spindle motor developing 177N.m of torque to machine components up to 800kg in weight. Another Turkish automotive company, Trakya Dokum, which manufactures castings and aluminium parts, has successfully installed four powerful Mycenter-HX500G horizontal machining centres.  Using a solid boxway construction, linear scales on all axes and twin ball screws in the X & Y axes, the Mycenter-HX500G is capable of the power, speed and size to handle larger and heavier workpieces. The Arumatik control, using a high speed Mitsubishi processor, further ensures absolute accuracy.

In the Czech Republic, five Mycenter HX630i’s have been successfully manufacturing electrical and mechanical parts for some time. The Mycenter-HX630G is designed to handle medium sized components and has a table load capacity of 1,500kg.

Closer to home, in Italy, France and Germany, Kitamura machine tools have been established for many years in the manufacture of aerospace, power generation and mould & die components. In Italy, as an example, the Mytrunnion-5G has been producing steel moulds, all Kitamura machines being equipped with high power / high torque spindles for hard materials. The Mytrunnion 5 combines heavy cutting, high speed and high precision. Parts up to 400kg can be accommodated on the 5 axis trunnion table, making the machine flexible and versatile for single set-up operations. The boxway construction, combined with a 20000 rpm gear driven spindle and cooled ballscrews, helps the Mytrunnion 5 to achieve a positional accuracy of ± 0.001 mm.

In Austria, Metall Kofler, a tooling company has been manufacturing volumes of a diverse range of highly accurate components with the Supercell 400, a factory manufactured multi-pallet system offering savings in set-up time, manpower and tooling costs. Kitamura’s Supercell Series, apart from achieving a reduction in set-up time and machine loading, increases accuracy and a reduction in inventory.

If you would like to know more about the Kitamura product range please visit our Products page for more details.

Kitamura will be attending EMO Hannover 2017 Hall 27, Stand D79.